Beralmar - Newsletter 52 June 2011
Newsletter 52 - June 2011
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Hot air exchangers consuming biomass in a brick dryer: neutral emissions, less energy expenditure and additional income from the sale of CO2. emission rights.

For some years now a large number of countries have been assigning the right to emit a certain amount of CO2 to their industries. Depending on the energy efficiency of each industry, the increase or decrease in industrial activity etc., a surplus and demand for CO2 emission rights is generated which is priced and traded on various markets

The price of emission rights in the European Union has recently dropped quite low due to a reduced level of industrial activity which has generated more supply than demand for rights. However a change in this trend is foreseen based on current economic developments.

BERALMAR offers a range of equipment for fuels considered neutral with respect to the emission of CO2, the use of which generates a surplus of CO2 emission rights that can be sold and become added revenue. It is also the case that generally neutral fuels tend to be better priced than fossil fuels like natural gas or fuel oil. The existence of appropriate technologies for the use of neutral fuels is increasing demand in the ceramic industry, and not just in markets where CO2 emission rights are assigned to the industry.

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Aerial image of the hotel - Sulejów Abbey

Photograph courtesy of Andrzej Wnuk

BERALMAR took part on 14 June in the biannual meeting of the Polish Ceramist Association held in the town of Sulejów in central Poland, on the premises of the town's Cistercian abbey which dates from the twelfth century and is now a hotel.

BERALMAR took the opportunity to give a presentation to those attending on "The use of solid fuel in the drying process," given by Joanna Nalewajko and Miquel Moix, where it was noted that solid fuels are a very cost effective alternative to fuel oil or natural gas for generating hot air for dryers, while it also gave an overview of BERALMAR's technology in this field.

The use of solid fuels is not only a significant reduction in energy expenditure in dryers, but in cases where biomass is used, it can also earn additional income from the sale of CO2 emission rights.

The day concluded with a visit to the OWCZARY ceramics plant, located a kilometre from the hotel - Sulejów Abbey, and who must be thanked for kindly showing everyone present around their facilities.

Coincidentally or not, at the end of the week BERALMAR received an order for a GB model generator-heat exchanger for solid fuels for a ceramics plant in Poland.

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BERALMAR has just received its first order for a solid fuel firing facility in Albania. It is for a PROMATIC system, soon to be installed in the tunnel kiln at the KID ALB Sh.p.k. ceramics plant in Maminas, near the capital.

This facility will consume petroleum coke, and is designed to provide up to 70% of the energy consumed for a daily production of 650 tonnes of blocks of different formats.

This PROMATIC facility is now the tenth solid fuel firing facility ordered in the last 3 years in the Balkans, and the 110th supplied by BERALMAR worldwide since 2000. | Change language | Unsubscribe | Disclaimer
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