Beralmar - Newsletter 67 January 2013
Newsletter 67 - January 2013
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As usual, BERALMAR will attend the 17th KYIVBUILD fair which will take place between 20th and 22nd February (both dates inclusive) in the Ukrainian capital.

The BERALMAR stand delegation will be made up of those in charge of the Ukrainian market, Oleg Polchiy and Yuriy Zinyak, and BERALMAR’s sales manager, Cristóbal Caparrós. Therefore, there won’t be any language barriers for visitors and the delegation will be able to negotiate all types of deals and agreements.

Visitors can find the BERALMAR stand in Pavilion 3 (central aisle), stand 3F3.4.

We look forward to seeing you!


This year BERALMAR as an organisation, together with the company JOVI, which specialises in artistic education, have acquired material for one of the more deprived sectors of society, namely children and people with disabilities.

The material has been sent to various destinations including the Hospital de Sant Joan de Déu, the Hospital de la Vall d’Hebron, the Taller Jeroni Moragas and three open centres: the Centre El Pinar in Rubí, the Centre Obert in Sant Cugat and the Centre de Can Llobet in Terrassa, so that it may be distributed to the children participating in workshops.

Given the current economic situation, it is more important than ever that those companies who have the means, go beyond mere legal responsibilities and place an emphasis on social responsibility in their immediate environment.

  • News and Accomplishments

BERALMAR has received a new order for a solid fuel firing installation. It is a PROMATIC installation for the I-Crni in Cazin ceramics plant (Bosnia and Herzegovina), in a beautiful mountain region in the northwest of the Balkans.

This new installation will substitute at least 70% of the current consumption of fuel oil, a fuel which is rocketing in price all over the region, with petcoke. This investment will be amortised in just a few months, since the price of fuel oil is approximately 4 times that of petcoke.

This will be the third kiln operating using solid fuel firing installations provided by BERALMAR in Bosnia making a total of 12 in the countries of the former Yugoslavia.


BERALMAR has just received an order for a biomass heat generator from the TOP Banja Luka ceramics plant, near Banja Luka, in the north of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

It is a set formed by a PULS model combustion chamber, coupled with a GB model heat exchanger. This set will have a maximum capacity of 2,000,000 Kcal/hour (2.326 kWh) in clean air. The combustion and heat exchange operations take place in two separate machines, increasing the set’s energy efficiency in such a way that ratios of up to 85% are expected.

The fuel to be used is pellets with a maximum length of 30 mm and a humidity of less than 6%, which will substitute the consumption of fuel oil in the dryer.

At BERALMAR we think that solid fuels are still relatively unknown in the drying process, and not only involve major energy savings but are also a possible source of income due to the margin they offer in the trading of CO2 emission rights.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank TOP Banja Luka for their continued confidence in BERALMAR equipment.

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