Successful commissioning of a new factory in Algeria ()

BERALMAR has started production at new factory EL RYM 2 in Annaba (Algeria) with remarkable success. The first kiln car to leave the kiln was perfect with no breakage, as shown in the photo.

The new factory EL RYM 2 has a production capacity of up to 750 tonnes/day in some formats.

The new factory has an airtight PRESTHERMIC tunnel kiln, with metallic finishes on all the walls and the ceiling of the kiln, which can operate at high pressures, optimizing the firing quality, production volume and energy consumption. The kiln has large dimensions: 158.40 metres long without pre-kiln, internal width of 6.70 metres and a useful height of 1.64 metres, and is equipped with natural gas combustion equipment, a fuel which is ridiculously cheap in Algeria, and MICROBER firing control.

It was not necessary to install a pre-kiln since it is equipped with a LLEVANT dryer, which loads green material directly onto a kiln car so that the time needed by a car between the exit of the dryer and the entrance of the kiln is less than one minute, without any possibility of moisture reabsorption. This, together with the fact that the LLEVANT dryer works 24 hours, 7 days a week, and practically uses only hot air recovered from the kiln, makes the LLEVANT dryer the best option from an energy saving point of view. The dryer will be managed by MICROSEC drying control.

The use of this type of dryer also greatly reduces investment in automation equipment since there is no product handling between the dryer and the kiln.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank BRIQUETERIE EL RYM for their continued confidence in BERALMAR.

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