Commissioning of a new factory in Algeria ()

The new BRIQUETERIE AMRAOUA ceramics plant at Tizi Ouzou (Algeria) began to produce material in January, with a start-up that may be described as very successful.

BERALMAR supplied the entire production line for this new facility, from molding onwards:

- Cutting line and loading of drying racks.

- MESTRAL semi-continuous dryer.

- Automation of hacking of racks.

- Kiln car stacker.

- PRESTHERMIC airtight tunnel kiln, equipped with natural gas combustion equipment.

- Kiln car dehacking.

- Automation of bundling and packaging by strapping.

In a few days production is expected to reach its nominal level of 180,000 t/year (500 t/day) of block and slab.

We would like to record here our thanks to the owner BRIQUETERIE AMRAOUA for the trust placed in BERALMAR, and we wish them a long future.

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Horno túnel hermético modelo PRESTHERMIC, equipado con equipos de combustión de gas natural.
Automatismos de descarga de estanterías
Nueva instalación BERALMAR en BRIQUETERIE AMRAOUA de Tizi Ouzou (Argelia)