New maximum energy efficiency project in Morocco ()

BERALMAR is already working on a new project. This is the supply of a new factory, the new AMINA BRIQUES plant, being built halfway between Tangiers and Tétouan, one of the regions of greatest economic growth in Morocco.

The project is of significant dimensions, as the new production line will have a production capacity of 800 tonnes/day of various ceramic block formats

BERALMAR’s supply for the AMINA BRIQUES project comprises:

- Complete cutting line

- Direct setting of wet material onto kiln cars

- LLEVANT model kiln car dryer, with two 183-metre tunnels

- PRESTHERMIC model high-performance airtight tunnel kiln, 183 metres in length

- Kiln car dehacking

- Package formation using plastic wrapping

It is worth pointing out that it was possible to plan this production line thanks to the characteristics of the clay available and the industrial testing carried out, providing the project with full technical guarantees. It is also due to BERALMAR’s versatility, with its experience in constructing all kinds of dryers. This means it is capable of adapting to each context with the most technically suitable proposal, with no self-imposed limits.

If this project features one aspect, it is undoubtedly energy efficiency; the owner’s great – and highly recommendable – obsession, which found an ideal partner in BERALMAR. On the one hand, direct drying on kiln cars and the efficiency of the airtight kiln mean that a maximum specific consumption of only 323 kcal/kg is anticipated for drying and firing. On the other hand, added to this low consumption is the use of low-cost fuels. The dryer will mainly be fed with heat recovered from the kiln, with intermittent contributions from a biomass (specifically olive pomace) heat exchanger. Meanwhile, the tunnel kiln will have a BIOMATIC firing facility. This permits alternating or simultaneous consumption of biomass or micronized petcoke fuels, both of which are available at a good price in Morocco. The criterion on defining each point in the project, then, was to opt at all times for those alternatives which enabled the energy costs in this new factory to be reduced to a minimum.

We would like to record our thanks here to the owner and management of AMINA BRIQUES for the trust placed in BERALMAR, with the full conviction that the result will be among the most competitive production lines.

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