New heat generator for biomass in Morocco ()

BERALMAR has installed a hot air generator for solid fuels in Morocco, specifically in the BRIQUETERIE SAMARRA in Tangier.

The fuel used is olive pomace, the most widely available and cheapest biomass in Morocco. With this investment, BRIQUETERIE SAMARRA achieves its objective of replacing 100% of its fuel oil consumption, a very expensive fuel in Morocco, with olive pomace. Taking current fuel prices into account, where each therm obtained from pomace combustion costs 35% of the cost of a therm from fuel oil, the investment will be recovered in a few months and very significant savings will be made, in addition to the environmental benefits. As regards the dryer, this will continue to receive the same flow of clean hot air that it needs.

This is the tenth biomass heat generator BERALMAR has installed in Morocco in a short period and on this occasion the client opted for a model GB generator. This provides biomass combustion and heat exchange is a single machine to supply clean air to the dryer at a maximum of 150ºC.

BERALMAR offers a wide range of solutions for biomass consumption in dryers. The same solution applied in BRIQUETERIE SAMARRA was also chosen recently by BRIQUETERIE SALAMABRIQ in Nador. Other clients in Morocco have opted for other solutions BERALMAR offers, such as MIDABRIQ (Midar), MABROUKA and SONABRIQ (Nador) and CERAMICA DE TETOUAN (Tetouan), for example, which opted for a solution made up of a PULS model solid-fuel combustion chamber coupled to a heat exchanger and BRIQUETERIE BATI CHAOUIA (Casablanca) which opted to install a direct firing solid-fuel combustion chamber in each of its three rapid dryers.

We thank BRIQUETERIE SAMARRA again for their repeated trust in BERALMAR!

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