Opening of the Ekoklinker plant in Russia ()

The official opening of the new EKOKLINKER face brick and paving plant in Novocheboksarsk (Chuvash Republic, Russia), a project we reported on through this medium in February 2014, took place on 17 November.

The opening ceremony was attended by several local authorities, Aleksandr Krasnov, Yevgeni Krascov and Yuriy Leonidovich from EKOKLINKER and Ramon Sarió, BERALMAR’s Managing Director, with a significant presence of the local media.

The start-up of the 30 million part per year production line was a success and BERALMAR’s supply for this new line can be summarised as:

- MESTRAL model semi-continuous dryer, with travelling (start of dryer) and fixed conical recirculation fans.

- FORNTHERMIC model kiln, especially built for regular firing temperatures of up to 1,200ºC, fitted with natural gas combustion equipment.

- Automation equipment for cutting (multiple cutters with 4-sided bevelling), dryer loading and unloading with slats, car stacking and destacking in the form of four robots and for car movement.

The material produced by EKOKLINKER on this new line is the top quality clinker produced formats in Russia, which will reduce imports of this type to the country.

We would like to wish EKOKLINKER great success with this new product and to thank them for the trust placed in BERALMAR.

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