Commissioning of a new factory in Bolivia ()

BERALMAR has just commissioned a new factory: CERÁMICA DEL ESTE in Santa Cruz de la Sierra (Bolivia), with a 600 t/day production line of ceramic blocks.

The project is of significant size, as the production capacity of 600 t/day makes it the most productive ceramics plant in the country.

BERALMAR’s supply for the CERÁMICA DEL ESTE project comprises:

- MESTRAL semi-continuous dryer.

- FORNTHERMIC tunnel kiln, measuring 127 metres long and 4.5 metres wide.

The entire manufacture process will be fuelled by natural gas, which is very affordable in Bolivia.

We would like to record our thanks here to the owner and management of CERÁMICA DEL ESTE for the trust placed in BERALMAR.

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Nueva planta en Bolívia
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Nueva planta en Bolívia