Commissioning of a new complete plant in Turkmenistan ()

BERALMAR has just started up a complete new factory in Turkmenistan.

The new multi-product DÖWLETI DOWREN plant, built in the Lebada region in the east of the Central Asian country, has a capacity of 550 tons/day of thermo-blocks, perforated and facing bricks and is undoubtedly the most modern plant in the country.

The factory runs on natural gas, which has a very low price since Turkmenistan is a major producer of this fuel.

The main characteristics of the new plant are:
  • Complete line of multi-product handling equipment, especially complex due to the wide range of manufactured formats, including multiple cutters, chamfering, many programming tables, and robots have been installed at various points.
  • Semi-continuous rack dryer, MESTRAL model, with conical recirculators and managed by the MICROSEC automatic drying control system
  • PRESTHERMIC tunnel kiln, air tight thanks to its metal casing design and high performance, equipped with automatic control of the firing process and natural gas combustion equipment.
The start-up of the factory has been a success, and reinforces BERALMAR's position in Central Asia, this being the fifth complete plant supplied by BERALMAR in this region in the last 8 years.

We wish the new DÖWLETI DOWREN every success, thanking its promoters for their trust in BERALMAR. + info: