MICROBER automated kiln control system


The MICROBER automated kiln management system is a comprehensive tool designed to maximise unsupervised kiln performance, providing maximum fuel efficiency and ensuring consistent kiln operation, irrespective of thermal changes (day and night) and load density of the wagon carrying the material to be baked, again maximising fuel efficiency.

This operation is achieved through continuous regulation, protecting the material from breakage caused by poor cooling and pre-heating. The system comprises a PLC with several analogue and digital input/output cards controlling all parameters involved in kiln regulation, which upload information to a data-recording computer.

The 3D graphics display facilitates system configuration and monitoring, with the following features:

  • - Automated control of firing curve based on material

  • - Automated pressure and flow regulation

  • - Wagon load control

  • - History log

  • - User control with varying access rights

  • - Modem communication