GB generator for solid fuels

  • green product

The GB type hot air generator, manufactured by BERALMAR, has been designed and developed to provide a heating system using hot air at temperatures below 150ºC.

This generator is particularly adaptable for applications where a hot fluid composed exclusively of clean air, without odors and free of chemical contaminants, is required. The main feature of the "GB" hot air generators is their ability to harness the thermal energy generated by the combustion chamber. This is possible thanks to the tube exchanger that is traversed by the air, creating a countercurrent rotary flow along a complete 360º turn.

The BERALMAR hot air generator is especially suitable for brick dryers and other types of industrial dryers that require air temperatures below 150ºC.

The "GB" Generator can be equipped with a vegetable solid fuel burner (GBS) or adapted to operate with one of our specific combustion chambers for solid fuels: