Biomatic firing system

  • green product

The new solution enables the use of biomass, petroleum coke or a micronized mixture of these in any proportion, with the following advantages:

- The preferential use of biomass provides significant savings in energy costs while dramatically reducing CO2 emissions.

- If at any time not enough biomass is available, the shortfall can be made up by the use of another low cost solid fuel: micronized petroleum coke, the availability of which is guaranteed in many markets.

- Automated fuel change or modification of the mixture.

This system conserves the pneumatic transport of fuels which is typical of BERALMAR's solid fuel solutions and therefore provides the same advantages of low maintenance.

The new BIOMATIC is specially designed for ceramics works located in the most developed markets where regulations penalize high CO2 emissions and where the supply of biomass is not always fully guaranteed in the necessary volumes. The use of renewable energy such as biomass is also advantageous in the field of marketing, allowing the promotion of ceramic material produced in an environmentally friendly process, since it is already common knowledge that its use is ecological.