MLADOST (Serbia) orders 3 MICROMATIC systems

BERALMAR has received an order for 3 MICROMATIC installations from the MLADOST group (Serbia). The three installations are destined for the MALA PLANA, STALAC and VLASOTINCE block factories, repl...

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New setting and dehacking line for the NEXE GROUP

BERALMAR has supplied a setting and dehacking line for the NEXE GROUP, specifically for the IGM STRAŽILOVO block plant that the group based in Croatia has in Sremski Karlovci (Serbia). Although ...

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Supply of a singular firing installation for Wienerberger

At the beginning of March, a singular gas firing installation left the BERALMAR workshops, with destination to the factory that WIENERBERGER has in Kunigal (Karnataka, India).

The Kunig...

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New setting line in Kazakhstan

BERALMAR started designing and manufacturing automations over a decade ago with the aim of offering complete production lines using 100% proprietary technology (obviously excluding the clay preparatio...

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New installation of clean hot air generators using petcoke

Beralmar has just commissioned a new installation for the generation of clean hot air using petcoke combustion.
The installation has been implemented in the CERAMICA LA MÉDITERRANÉE brick p...

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Process improvements for the NEXE group

BERALMAR has recently carried out improvement projects in two factories of the NEXE group. With a total of 11 tunnel kilns distributed around Croatia, Serbia and Bosnia, for the manufacture of blocks ...

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New factory in Uzbekistan

BERALMAR has just commissioned a new factory in Uzbekistan. The new factory, called CERAMIC BRICKS, is located on the outskirts of the historic city of Samarkand, famous for being a hub on the silk ro...

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Modification of a kiln in Hungary

BERALMAR has just completed the modification of a tunnel kiln in Hungary, for the PÁPATESZERI TÉGLAIPARI brick plant in Pápateszer, in the northwest of the country.

The modification ...

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New project in Bangladesh

BERALMAR is working on a strategic new project: the supply of a new production line for MIRPUR CERAMICS, the leading ceramic brick manufacturer in Bangladesh.

The new factory, called SU...

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New petcoke combustion chamber

BERALMAR has started to market a product that has been long-awaited, especially in certain markets.

As leading experts in solutions for the combustion of all types of fuels for both fir...

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New solid-fuel firing facility

BERALMAR has installed a new solid-fuel firing facility. It is a MICROMATIC system which has been supplied to CERÁMICA BELIANES in Belianes in Lleida (Catalonia).

It uses petcoke, whic...

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New project in Turkmenistan

BERALMAR has been working for a few months on the supply of a complete plant in Turkmenistan.

The new plant, which will be called DÖWLETI DOWREN, will be multi-product with a capacity ...

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Commissioning of a new plant in Kazakhstan

BERALMAR has just commissioned a new plant in Kazakhstan. The new ASTANA CERAMIC, in the outskirts of Astana.

Astana literally means "capital city" in Kazakh, and indeed it has been the...

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Commissioning of a new plant in Malaysia

BERALMAR has just commissioned a new plant in Malaysia. It is a new production line for KILANG BATU BATA HAP KEE (Serandah, Malaysia) for which BERALMAR has supplied a dryer and a tunnel kiln for a pr...

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New project for a complete plant in Kazakhstan

BERALMAR is working to supply a new production line for the BOSHAN ceramics plant situated a few kilometres from Astana, the capital of Kazakhstan. BOSHAN’s order includes a LLEVANT model direct...

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New MICROMATIC installation in Spain

BERALMAR has recently installed a new solid-fuel firing facility in Spain. It was for the CERÁMICA SAN JAVIER in Pantoja (Toledo), where a MICROMATIC system for the combustion of micronized petco...

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New orders for biomass heat generators in Morocco

This year BERALMAR has been receiving orders for clean hot air generation equipment for dryers in Morocco, based on biomass.

Olive pomace is a widely available biomass in Morocco, although ...

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Commissioning of a new factory in Bolivia

BERALMAR has just commissioned a new factory: CERÁMICA DEL ESTE in Santa Cruz de la Sierra (Bolivia), with a 600 t/day production line of ceramic blocks.

The project is of significant size...

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