Commissioning of a new factory in nador (Morocco) ()

BERALMAR has commissioned a new factory in Nador (Morocco). It is the SALAMABRIQ ceramics factory, owned by the Salama family, who had previously relied on BERALMAR for the construction of a tunnel kiln in the DIMABRIQ factory.

The new SALAMABRIQ factory has been built for a production of 500 tonnes/day of hollow brick, and consists of a PRESTHERMIC tunnel kiln, 134.85 metres long and 4.50 metres wide inside. The PRESTHERMIC kiln is designed to work at high pressures thanks to the metallic cover on the walls, roof and circuits, which optimises fuel consumption and enhances quality and production. In this case the main kiln fuel is micronised petcoke, fuel oil gas jets for preheating.

The dryer is a MESTRAL model, a 6-line semi-continuous dryer fitted with fixed conical recirculation fans. The dryer and kiln are managed by MICROSEC and MICROBER control equipment respectively.

The factory has been put into operation during the first week of December and in 15 days has reached 80% of expected production. It should also be noted that the product in the very first cart came out without damages.

We would like to take the opportunity to thank the Salama family for their continued trust in BERALMAR.

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